1964 Rickenbacker 325

Laun Braithwaite, Tim Mullally, and Dave Rogers F.C. Hall, owner of Radio & Television Equipment Co. (Radio-Tel), purchased the Electro String Company from Adolph Rickenbacker in 1953. Hall overhauled the business and began focusing on standard electric guitars rather than the steel … [Read more...]

Clapton, Benson guitars go on the auction block

By Marylynne Pitz / Pittsburgh Post-Gazette When Pittsburgh native George Benson performs his hit song “On Broadway,” he prefers to play a guitar custom-made for him by Ibanez, a company headquartered in Japan. Eric Clapton loved a guitar he called “Blackie.” When it wore out, Fender made the … [Read more...]

Fender Twin-Amp Model 6G8-A

Laun Braithwaite, ask Tim Mullally, prostate and Dave Rogers In 1953, cialis Fender launched an amp that would become the industry standard for decades to come: the Twin. Named for its pair of 12" speakers, the Twin evolved in looks and power output through the 1950s. In 1955, it changed from a … [Read more...]

25 Most Valuable Guitars

There are few collectibles in modern pop culture that are as cool as guitars. They’re functional, diagnosis tactile art that inspires players and music fans alike. Most are acutely aware of the guitar’s status as a pop-culture icon. But beyond fond memories of The Beatles on Ed Sullivan or Hendrix … [Read more...]

What Makes a Vintage Guitar Collectible?

As with baseball cards, Barbie dolls and other collectibles, condition is very important. Instruments in "excellent" condition are always worth more than instruments in "average" condition. Guitars must meet several other criterias to be worth money. One of the most important aspects is … [Read more...]

1961 Gibson Hummingbird

Laun Braithwaite, click Tim Mullally, sickness and Dave Rogers While previous Gibson flattops had slope-shouldered designs, illness the Gibson Hummingbird’s square-shouldered profile was closer to that of Martin’s dreadnoughts. Legendary Gibson flattop guitars attained prominence during the … [Read more...]

Ibanez MC500 Musician Review

While many vintage guitar enthusiasts disdain the guitars from the 1970s in favor of undeniably cool classics from the 1950s and ’60s, troche the ’70s was in many ways one of the most innovative eras in guitar making. It produced some of the great guitar brands and many superb individual guitars, … [Read more...]

1965 Gibson Firebird III

Laun Braithwaite, online Tim Mullally, cialis and Dave Rogers                                                                                             1965 Gibson Firebird III The Firebird was Gibson’s response to the Fender Jazzmaster. In 1962 Gibson president Ted McCarty decided that a … [Read more...]

1958 Gretsch White Falcon 6136

A stunning 1958 Gretsch 6136 White Falcon, decease serial #26356. The exciting changes in the popular music of the 1950s also called for electrifying transformations in musical instruments. As the electric guitar became increasingly prominent, the top guitar companies battled to come up with the … [Read more...]

Guild Aristocrat

Guild didn't present a true solidbody electric guitar until 1963, however the Aristocrat of 1954 gave the appearance that Guild was contending head-to-head with Gibson's brand-new Les Paul Model. However, with its hollowbody and spruce leading, the Guild Aristocrat was more than just an intriguing … [Read more...]

Value in Collecting Vintage Guitars

By Glenn Kenny “What were once ‘used guitars’ are now vintage instruments. There’s definitely been a shift over the last thirty years, there ” says Steve Uhrik, medicine whose vintage stringed instrument shop, Retrofret Vintage Guitars, is a draw for high-profile and high-income guitar … [Read more...]

Guild Starfire Bass Guitar

By Willie G. Moseley How the Guild Starfire Bass Came to be In the mid ’60s, look Guild took its knocks for making guitars that looked “inspired by” Gibson models. Fans of the brand think the stereotype is unfair, of course, and certainly, many Guilds from the era have their own intrigue. One … [Read more...]

Ten Interesting Facts About Gretsch Guitars

Rock ‘n’ roll as we know it wouldn’t exist without the guitar – particularly the electric guitar. Originally imagined as a way of expanding the sound of contemporary jazz music, purchase the electric guitar helped usher in the rock movement that produced some of the greatest musicians of all time … [Read more...]

Gibson SG Standard

By Dan Cross History of the Gibson SG Standard As a reaction to the surprising early 1960s slowdown of sales for Gibson's famous Les Paul models, the factory, in 1961, decided to build a new guitar based on the Les Paul design. This new design, featuring most notably a thinner, mahogany body, … [Read more...]

Vintage Martin D-45

By: George Gruhn and Walter Carter How the Vintage Martin D-45 came to be The Martin D-45, offered by the company from 1933 through 1942, is well-known as the Holy Grail of acoustic guitars. While players and collectors may argue whether it is the absolute best guitar ever made, in terms of … [Read more...]

Vintage Fender Precision Bass

1960 Fender Precision Bass How the Precision Bass Came to be the Collectible Vintage Fender Precision Bass The Fender Precision Bass was the first commercially successful solidbody electric bass. Played somewhat like a guitar and sporting a fretted neck, the “P-Bass” won over players in almost … [Read more...]

Jimi Hendrix Experience Tour Sets 2014 Dates

Experience Hendrix Tour ’14 Sets Dates The eighth edition of the celebrated Jimi Hendrix Experience Tour is set to launch in March. The ongoing tribute is a month-long event that brings together a diverse group of musicians paying homage to Hendrix. The lineup ranges from metal legend Zakk … [Read more...]

Vintage Fender Jazz Bass – 1966

Vintage Fender Jazz Bass - 1966 The development of the revolutionary Fender Precision Bass in 1951 forever changed the sound of modern music. Since the bass was so functional and portable, tadalafil Leo Fender thought one model was enough. Its design was upgraded twice during the ’50s, viagra … [Read more...]

1957 Gretsch 6130 Round-Up

1957 Gretsch 6130 Round-Up The Gretsch 6130 Round-Up was a western-themed spin-off of Gretsch’s Duo Jet. Development of the Gretach 6130 Round-up By 1953 the Fred Gretsch Manufacturing Company had been building drums, cheap banjos, online and guitars for 70 years. But that year, the traditional … [Read more...]

Jerry Garcia custom guitar to be auctioned

Jerry Garcia custom guitar to be auctioned A custom Travis Bean TB500 electric guitar owned by Jerry Garcia of the Grateful Dead is one of the highlights of the “Icons and Idols: Rock n’ Roll” to be held by Julien's Auctions Dec. 6 and 7, the auction house announced Nov. 14. Garcia debuted the … [Read more...]

Collecting Hall of Fame Vintage Guitars

Ever thought that a guitar might be a more reliable investment than the stock market? Vintage guitars are becoming a hot item in the collectibles market, and there are few icons more recognizable to Americans than a rock star and his guitar. While a few months' savings might have bought a guitar in … [Read more...]

Fender Stratocaster Profile

History of the Fender Stratocaster The early 1950s were the golden age of the electric guitar and Fender offered up their famous Stratocaster in 1954. Designed by Leo Fender, George Fullerton, and Freddie Tavares, the debut "Strat" was available with a two-toned sunburst finish and a solid ash body … [Read more...]

About Epiphone Guitars

A Quick History of Epiphone Epiphone has roots back to 1865, when Greek instrument maker, Kostantinos Stathopoulo handed down the tradition to his oldest son, Epi, who created the company that bears his name to this day. It was in 1940 when Les Paul, working long nights at home and at the Epiphone … [Read more...]

Bob Dylan's electric guitar could auction for $500,000

The guitar Dylan used at the Newport Folk Festival – signaling his new "electric" sound – is headed for the auction block. On July 20 1965, Bob Dylan released Like A Rolling Stone: a six-minute, rambling rock single which signaled the swift stylistic shift his career was about to take. Although the … [Read more...]

9 Factors That Influence the Value of a Vintage Guitar

Determining the Value of a Vintage Guitar As both a dealer and appraiser of vintage fretted instruments I am faced with the daily necessity of placing dollar values on instruments. Any appraisal or price determination is to a certain degree the subjective judgment of the particular dealer or … [Read more...]

Eric Johnson Tests The American Vintage '59 Fender Stratocaster

Eric Johnson Tests The American Vintage '59 Fender Stratocaster In a new YouTube video, Fender signature artist Eric Johnson A/B tests the new Fender American Vintage Strat '59 against one of his original '57 Strats to compare the tones. Here's what Fender says about the guitar... "The American … [Read more...]

About the Gibson SG Standard

As a reaction to the surprising early 1960s slowdown of sales for Gibson's famous Les Paul models, the factory, in 1961, decided to build a new guitar based on the Les Paul design. This new design, featuring most notably a thinner, mahogany body, eventually became the SG. The deep double cutaway was … [Read more...]

About the Rickenbacker 360

The Rickenbacker 360 arrived in 1958 and helped usher in the rock and roll boom of the 1960s. The carved, hand-made look of the early 360s clearly stood in contrast to the Fender and Gibson guitars of the 1960s and 70s. The complex and jangling tone of the 360 has carved out a unique place in the … [Read more...]

Beatles guitar up for grabs at auction

LOS ANGELES An electric guitar played by John Lennon and George Harrison at the height of the Beatles’ fame is expected to fetch between $200, generic 000 and $300,000 at auction in May, Julien’s Auctions said on Thursday. The VOX custom-built guitar, the centerpiece of a ‘Music Icons’ auction, was … [Read more...]

Seattle's EMP Museum Celebrates Jimi Hendrix 70th Birthday

Today is the birthday of electric guitar hero, James Marshall Hendrix. The "Purple Haze" creator would turn 70 years old if he were still alive today, and this fact is blowing our minds. On the anniversary of his birth, Jimi Hendrix's hometown of Seattle is celebrating the legendary musician in an … [Read more...]

2013 Vintage Guitar Price Guide

  2013 Official Vintage Guitar Price Guide (Official Vintage Guitar Magazine Price Guide)     5772012-11-18 00:01:362013-vintage-guitar-price-guidepublishpost … [Read more...]

Tips for Investing in Vintage Guitars

Investing in Vintage Guitars David Kalt, order former CEO of OptionsXpress, ailment discusses the ins and outs of investing in rare, vintage guitars. 5662012-10-29 23:37:11tips-for-investing-in-vintage-guitarspublishpost … [Read more...]

Legendary 1959 Gibson Les Paul Standard Sunburst Left-Handed Solid Body Electric Guitar – one of only two known, in Heritage Auctions Guitar event

1959 Gibson Les Paul Standard Sunburst Left-Handed Solid Body Electric Guitar. BEVERLY HILLS, viagra CA.- A 1959 Gibson Les Paul Standard Sunburst Left-Handed Solid Body Electric Guitar, Serial # 9 0136 is expected to bring at least $125,000 when it comes across the auction block on Oct. 26 as … [Read more...]


By Devin Pratt These iconic guitarists have owned hundreds of different instruments over the years, but the one thing all these men have in common is a deep love for that one special ax. Whether it’s a well-aged acoustic or a banged-up electric, certain guitars have the uncanny ability to become … [Read more...]

About the Gibson J-200

Michael Leonard Ask a guitarist to name the ultimate Gibson acoustic, seek and many will reply – it’s the Gibson J-200. Elegant and flamboyantly curvaceous even by Gibson’s top-line standards, the J-200 has found fame in the hands of numerous legends: Elvis Presley, John Lennon, Pete Townshend, … [Read more...]

Rickenbacker Vintage Guitars

Even though Adolph Rickenbacker is credited with being one of the co-creators of the first electric guitar in 1931, store the company that bore his name would not really come into its own until he sold it in 1953. By then, cialis Fender had already introduced the Telecaster, here followed by … [Read more...]

1965 Epiphone Emperor

By George Gruhn . 1965 Epiphone Emperor The Epiphone Emperor has a long, seek convoluted history. It first appeared in Epiphone’s catalog in late 1935 as a response to Gibson’s Super 400, cialis which was introduced in late 1934. Epiphone went one better on Gibson’s 18?-wide Super 400 by … [Read more...]